Monday, July 26, 2010

Question: Why is Vintage Underground Fun??

Answer: Because it should be!

Vintage Underground opened just about two years ago when we quietly sprouted out from the lower level of 1834 West North Avenue. Even before Carlos and I (Ellen) opened the doors for the first time, we knew that we wanted to have fun with our passion for vintage and create an atmosphere of fun and discovery for YOU, dear reader.
Because we have a somewhat hidden location and did not have a store window (all the windows were glass block), our first challenge was how to entice people to come downstairs and check it out. I scrawled the reassuring words "Come Down...It's Fun" on one of our posters outside. I was happily ignorant that it would be months until we had a "real" sign. Anyway, steadily increasing numbers of brave souls did venture down the vintage stairs and many of them often commented that "Yes, you're right, it is fun!" So the slogan stuck and remains even truer today.

As more of you came down, we began to knock down walls (I mean Carlos began to knock down walls), expanding our collection and filling up our 3,500 square feet with pure vintage fun. Our visitors can peruse the mind-boggling selection and have a great treasure hunt. While digging through Vintage Underground's trove, there is a wonderful feeling of expectation, discovery and reward. Lots of you feel overwhelmed too! But don't worry, thats a very normal feeling, especially for first-timers. Also, you know we have great tour-guides to hold your hand if needed. But, for sure, being overwhelmed can be fun too...especially when you are simultaneously being entertained by Carlos. What more can be said?

Well, one more thing can be said: Aside from the fun atmosphere that we create along with our staff and customers, Carlos and I want you to know that we take vintage collecting very seriously.