Friday, April 1, 2011

Vintage Sitings in the News

It is interesting and fun to see how many celebrities are flaunting vintage in their own way. The ever inventive Lady Gaga who is continually pushing the limits of fashion by creating cutting edge new looks adds vintage into her wardrobe...

Here she is wearing vintage Gianfranco Ferre sunglasses! Fierce!
A bit more demure, is Alexa Chung who is often seen wearing classic and fun vintage styles. Fresh!

Our First Lady, Michelle Obama knows how to wear vintage. It must be the importance of historical works that make her such a great ambassador for vintage style. Or maybe she just loves it. In December 2010, she made media waves by wearing a 1950's dress to a public event. This is believed to be the very first time a first lady wore vintage clothes to such an event. Aside from vintage clothing, Michelle LOVES vintage jewelry. She has a special penchant for vintage brooches...

wearing a 1950's Schreiner brooch

wearing a 1960's paper mache brooch

Check out that giant statement flower brooch! It makes the whole look. It takes a simple dress to a whole new level. No wonder she's smiling. I think we should invite her to visit Vintage Underground the next time she comes back to Chicago. She would LOVE our selection. Come Down...It's Fun, Michelle.
More vintage sitings to this blog for more fun pix of vintage mix.

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