Thursday, April 29, 2010

1960's Jewelry Advertisements

Costume jewelry advertisements from the past are beautiful to look at and can also be a valuable tool in helping to authenticate and date vintage jewelry pieces. At Vintage Underground we continually search out, collect, and examine each piece of jewelry before displaying it in our store. Pieces are evaluated for age and quality by many ways including types of materials used, findings (clasps, closures etc.), and style.

A fun way to substantiate vintage jewelry is to review advertisements from the time the jewelry was created.
This Monet ad pictured here is from 1964, and the Trifari ad is from 1968. Both of these companies have designed jewelry for many decades so the ads help to pinpoint the style of jewelry they made at the time. Other designers of the era would also certainly be producing similar styles which would appeal to the fashion sense of the day. The colors, make-up on the models, and clothing are also great to look and and really give you a feel of the era. It is especially important to see the style of an era when looking at something like clear rhinestone jewelry which has been around for so many years. In this Trifari ad from the late sixties you can notice a more modern, fluid style than many older rhinestone pieces. Also, each piece has some very subtle evocation of the paisley...a quintessentially 1960's emblem.

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