Thursday, April 1, 2010

Come Down It's Fun!

That's our motto at Vintage Underground: Come Down It's Fun! We have fun amidst our 3000+ square feet of vintage jewelry-filled showcases, racks of vintage clothing, shelves of cameras, electronics, and all kinds of unusual finds awaiting your discovery...and you will have fun too. Join us Wednesdays through Sundays (occasional Tuesdays, too) to visit our ever changing selection of vintage, vintage, and more vintage.

Since this is the first blog for Vintage Underground we'll keep it short and sweet...
We want to keep you in the know--you'll find out whats new with the old stuff. We can share input from our customers, photo submissions of you wearing our jewels and/or clothes, and any happenings that may be happening.

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Have Fun!--

Carlos and Ellen